Normally we would have planned a programme of special events for 2021, and details of each of these events would have been given below. The impact of the corona virus pandemic means, however, that we currently have no idea of whether or not we will be able to run any special events, and so we can not provide any details at this stage.

If it becomes possible to plan events with some assurance that we will be able to run them, then we will do so and will announce the details here. So watch out for details of any such events, which will be added to this page as they are fixed.

If you are interested in some of the previous events that we have run, then details of selected ones are available, and a separate page describes these.

As an indication, some of the ideas for events that we would like to plan if circumstances permit are as follows:

  • an event to mark the return to service of the Sentinel, and possibly focus on our other ex-main line locomotives;
  • a model railway exhibition, although not as large a one as our usual exhibition;
  • a "Star Rails" event, although again on a smaller scale than in previous years; and
  • an an Autumn Gala event.

One event that will certainly not be running in 2021 is a SteamPunk event, for reasons that are explained on the website of the Leeds SteamPunk Market. They are, however, hoping to be able to make a social visit to the railway on Sunday 4th July, and we hope that by then our trains will be running, so that we will be able to welcome them.