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Looking to make a difference? 

Driving a steam locomotive

Driving a steam locomotive is one of the more challenging roles.

Volunteer today!

The Middleton Railway is run entirely by volunteers, and so any of our staff that you may have seen when visiting the railway will be volunteers. In all parts of the railway our volunteers perform a variety of exciting and challenging roles, and you would be welcome to join them.

volunteers overhauling a goods wagon

A team of volunteers working on a special project to overhaul a goods wagon.

Would you like to keep Leeds' history alive?

We are always looking for interested people who can spare some time to help us. You would not have to commit lots of time, although there are some roles that do require a significant time commitment. In particular we quite often arrange special projects for groups, so that you could take part in such a project without necessarily committing to anything else one the project was finished.

shop staff during a Santa specail day

Shop staff busy during a day when our Santa special trains were running.

Are you looking to share your skills, or learn new ones?

There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities available, and these cover virtually every aspect of the Railway’s activities. Some of the roles involve manual work, and in particular if you do not mind getting your hands dirty there are plenty of opportunities. But if that sort of role is not for you there is also a wide range of choices.

volunteer engineers in the workshop

Some of our volunteer engineers in the workshop.

Are you looking to make new friends?

Volunteering has many benefits to offer to you, as well as to the railway. It will present you with the opportunity to meet new people, from all walks of life, such as the ones shown here. It can also enable you to gain worthwhile skills, and we can promise that it will result in a real sense of achievement.

a guard on a special passenger train

A guard (left) on a special passenger train. At one time he was also the editor of our magazine The Old Run.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

There are many different areas of the railway in which you could choose to volunteer, but the boundaries between them are very flexible, and many of our current volunteers contribute to several of these areas. Hence, you need not worry about being confined to any one of these areas. A seoarate page gives details of these different areas.

a fireman and driver on a locomotive

A fireman and driver on a locomotive.

Join our team of volunteers today!

If you want to find out more, you can download a copy of our leaflet about volunteering.

If you wish to become a volunteer you will also need to become a member of the railway. A separate page explains more about this, and includes a link to download an application form.

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