Since the Middleton Railway started out just transporting goods - mainly coal - for the first 200 years of its life, it is hardly surprising that it has acquired a collection of goods wagons, although sadly there are no survivors from the ones that were used before the railway was preserved.  Most of the goods wagons in its collection previously worked on British Railways, although not all of them.  The ones that did are identified by the numbers that they carried then, and the others are identified by the numbers that they carried on the systems where they did work.  Thus, our collection is as follows, where the ordering roughly matches when they entered our collection.

The pages for these wagons give a brief overview of our collection, but for more information about it our stock book is available in the shop.  Click here for more details of this.

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After the Fire

Following the major arson attack on neighbouring premises, we have launched this appeal to help repair the damage to our rolling stock and buildings. Click here for more details. Click below to donate.


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